• How can one be a reseller?

    If you would like to be our reseller, please contact us by e-mail and request for a reseller contract. Then send the signed contract to the following address: WEBCODE Ltd. H-3501 Miskolc, Pf.: 486., Hungary. Or by fax to the following number: +36-70-369-78-79

  • What are the conditions?

    You need to have a valid reseller contract with us, and you should be capable drawing of invoices.

  • How much is the share?

    Twenty percent (20%).

  • Who is responsible for billing to the customers signed up through me?

    The reseller should draw the invoices for their customers. Only the resellers are in contact with their customers.

  • How can I order services as a reseller?

    First of all the aforementioned conditions regarding being a reseller should be met. Also the header on our order forms should be replaced with the reseller's own header. IMPORTANT! We can only accept orders with this modified header! In case we receive the order with the original WEBCODE Ltd. header, we will directly to the customer, not to the reseller, so the reseller cannot get his/her share!

  • Can I modify your order form?

    Yes you can, but the contents must be the same. Get in touch with us for more information.

  • Are the administration interfaces for the virtuals machines accessible for the resellers?

    Of course. You'll get two accounts for each of the virtual machines. One account, which you can give to your customer, and one for the reseller which has the same privileges as the account of the customer.

  • Can I modify the design of the administration interface to harmonize with my own webpage design?

    Of course, but altering the design could imply some modifications in the code of the adminitration interface, so this extra work has costs and the appropriate technical requirements should be met. Please get in touch with us for the exact conditions.

  • One of my customers would like to register a domain name. Can it be registered through you?

    We do not provide this service as a reseller. We can only register domains for the end-users, because we are not directly registrators. We can register domains directly for your customer at the prices listed on our webpage, and we will also provide the required name servers for these domain. If you would like to be a domain reseller please contact a domain registrator.

  • I still have questions. Where can I get answers?

    Regarding the contracts and services feel free to contact us: info@virtualisgep.hu

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