» Virtua Basic
   64 MB RAM :: 128 MB swap :: 5 GB HDD :: 1000 CPU units :: 100 MBit Internet
   unlimited network traffic :: 1 IP address :: RAID :: console :: root access
   administration interface :: pre-installed operating system
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14 EUR/month

For 1 year:
12 EUR/month

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A virtual machine, according to its name, is not a real computer, instead it's the part of a real physical computer. It's also called virtual private server (VPS), or just virtual server. The operating system running in the virtual machine, so the applications and users inside the virtual machine see it as a real isolated computer. In this way the existing applications run seamlessly without making changes in them. The virtual machines inside the real machine are completely isolated, so they cannot access each others resources.

Summarized: the virtual machines are the same in usage as the real machines, but their price is just the fraction of a real computer.

» Details

  • The virtual machine has got root access.
  • The virtual machine guarantees the resources.
  • The virtual machine is secure, it is not shared with other users.
  • The virtual machine can be stopped or started anytime.
  • The virtual machine has got its own public fixed IP address.
  • The virtual machine gives you freedom, it can run arbitrary applications.
  • The virtual machine can use its own SSL certificate.
  • The virtual machine can host unlimited domains.

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  • The virtual machine is cost effective, significant amounts can be saved, because there's no need for an expensive server, and the maintenance costs are also lower.
  • The virtual machine can reboot in a few seconds, there's no need to wait for the operators.
  • The virtual machine's hardware is maintained by the service provider, costs are paid by the provider.
  • The virtual machine's console can be accessed any-time through an encrypted connection.
  • The virtual machine can be upgraded easily and fast.
  • The virtual machine's operating system can be replaced in moments, or can be recovered from backup.
  • The virtual machine's rental fee in contrast with simple server rental, includes the fee of the Internet connection.

» Comparison chart

The following figure demonstrates the structure of a real computer:

The hypervisor is a special software, which controls the virtual machines. It's got exclusive access to the hardware, that's why it can guarantee the resources and security for the virtual machines.

It completely equals to a real computer, as it can be seen in the figure of the logical structure of the virtual machine.

Every virtual machine has its own kernel and filesystem, can have its own users, can run its own applications, for example: webserver, database management system, application server, etc.

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